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You can now find our French e-learning course modules, adapted to your everyday tasks (administrative mail, contracts, retirement, taxes, emails…).

For more autonomy in your private, professional and civic life.

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Bilingual children's tales LSF - French

Bilingual children’s tales LSF -French

We create tales for children, in sign language, with subtitles, to develop the imagination of deaf children en create awareness among hearing children and adults.Our duet of story tellers, deaf and hearing, travels to schools, libraries, non-profits, to give life to these tales, among children and their families.

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French Sign Language Education

French Sign Language Education

French Sign Language courses open to the public: the hearing, the deaf, parents of deaf children, anyone who is interested. We also provide French Sign Language courses for business, adapted to your needs.

Our courses are provided by qualified deaf instructors.

Awareness, advice, information about deafness

Awareness, advice, information about deafness

Do you wish to make your services available to deaf people and provide customized options? The LPAS team visits your business, university, institution, or association to raise awareness of deafness and sign language and provide an immersive experience of the world of the deaf. We provide fun activities, both short and long, adapted to your needs.

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